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The first step to be our writer is by registering your self at Become a member and start your own first article. Go to your member area and click the “Add Article“.

How to Write Article and Become Author 1

Please always check the Rule to meet Our Criteria before submitting any articles.

To add your first written, click the “Add Article” to Start. 

How to Write Article and Become Author 2

On the “Title” area, please type your Article Title, this must be unique and never posted before on this website.

Then, select your category base on your article’s topic. If you can’t find your related category,  we will choose what’s the best for you,  and if it’s needed, we will build a new one for your category.

The “Summary” is your Article Short Description. You need only to type 15-20 words.

For the “Content“, again please check the Rule to meet our content requirements. This section must have 300 to 500 Original Words of Yours.

There’s no any link to any website allowed. You may upload your own images to attract more visitors.

How to Write Article and Get Paid

On this section you can upload image for the thumbnail and as the feature image of your article.

Please type a note to editor if you need more assistance.

Click “Submit” Button,  and your Article goes to our database and ready to publish. At this moment, your Article will be in “Pending” Status to be reviewed by the team.

Please wait about 24 hours to 7 days to get reviewed, if you are not violating our website’s term,  your article should be published and you will start earning money from the visitors who read your published article.

After 7 Days your article not published yet, it may be rejected,  please submit another one and make sure you give the best of your passion to the readers all over the world. 

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