How to Make Snippet Table of Contents for SEO

Snippet now is very important for SEO in order to make your articles go to the TOP of the Search Result Page. In Our blog, you have to make a Table of Contents before the Article Body.

Type a sentence: “Table of Contents:” and select the text, click the paragraph menu and select the “Heading 2”.

How to Make Snippet Heading

After you do that, the text will look like this:


Then Select your Each Sub Title to link them to the Article’s Sub Titles. You need to do this one by one. For example if you select the “Sub Title 1” then click the link icon.


Next step is to fill the linking for like bellow:


Url: add the character # then followed by your Sub Title slug, for example is: #sub-title-1

Text to Display: Sub Title 1 (You can leave it blank if you have selected the Sub Title 1 text.

Title: Sub Title 1

Target: Leave it Default as “None”

Click “Ok” if you’re done.

In the “code” area this will loke like:

1. <a title=”Sub Title 1″ href=”#sub-title-1″>Sub Title 1</a>

That’s all you can do on your side. The next is adding heading ID code inside the Sub Title on your Article. You have to add the id=”sub-title-1 in the heading code of your Article Sub Title 1. This will work if you change your Sub Title to Heading 3 format.

The Default Code for Sub Title is <h3>Sub Title</h3>

So, you have to change it to: <h3 id=”sub-title-1″>Sub Title 1</h3>

If you can’t make this change on your side, just leave it default, the editor will do that for you, but this will take more time 🙂

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